Based out of Bangalore, Drown Silence is
an alternative rock band that tries to push
the boundaries of the rock genre.

Drown Silence is:

Sharjes – Vox / Guitars
/ Programming
Sam – Rap / Backing Vox
Prasanna – Bass
Shiv – Guitars
Unni – Drums

Drown Silence started off as a two-piece
band consisting of just Sharjes and Sam.
After a year of writing and recording
original music together, they were
joined by Unni, Shiv and Prasanna.

We have a strong DIY ethic with emphasis
on original compositions. We record, mix,
and master our own songs at Sharjes’ home,
also jokingly known as Markham Asylum

Our influences come from a variety of rock
and metal genres like hard rock, grunge,
nu-metal, doom metal, post-rock, and
progressive rock. We don’t really look at
a song and think that it should sound a
certain way. The songwriting process is
very organic and we try to capture that in
our recordings. We put in what we feel is
right and sometimes the results are
surprising. The songwriting process is
kept open and eclectic. That is why when
you listen to our songs, you’ll notice a
variety of influences and we don’t shy away
from that diversity for the sake of genre
consistent. All of us are mostly into rock
genres, but there are a lot of sonic
landscapes in rock and we traverse those
paths like free citizens.

Our lyrics are influenced by experiences,
both personal and of others, random
thoughts, opinions, and day-to-day life.
Both our music and lyrics are heavily
motivated by the ideas that art can change
the world and that one shouldn’t take
oneself too seriously.

For us this band is an outlet of creativity
and emotions, but it’s also us trying to
come to terms with the world we live in.

We are looking to do more gigs,
connect with the fan base,
have some fun,
make more music
and drown out the silence.

Silence is not golden.